Vampire Princess Chapter 2 Episode 14

The Imperial Crimson Empire
Familiar footsteps stopped in front of the room, after a short pause the door opened.
This person—despite the details can’t be seen because of back lighting, with only a glance, Carlos understood that the person is someone he’s been waiting for. Carlos showed a faint smile while he continued sitting in his chair.
“—Welcome back, your highness. I thought you wouldn’t make it in time.”
“My bad, there were a lot of idiots who attacked me on the way.”
Hearing that nostalgic yet familiar voice, Carlos was overwhelmed with feeling of wanting to weep and was unable to find any words to say.
“Even so, you don’t seem surprised at all. The other lots were looking at me as if I was a ghost—well, not that it’s wrong.”
Being told that, Carlos’s smile deepened.
“…How’s the situation outside?”
“Hn? Ah, they’ve stopped plundering for now and are in the middle of the public execution of royalties, nobles, and officials. Also, there might be some idiots who will set fire to this place soon, so I guess the royal palace is also finished.”
Even though he said it as if it was somebody else’s business, noticing a tinge of loneliness in his voice, Carlos looked at him with a soft gaze.
“Well, that’s good… or not, as I thought, it’s regrettable.”
“Hah? Which is it?”
“…what’s regrettable is, how the place which is filled with our memories will disappear—“

At that moment, memories of their childhood recurred in both of their hearts.
Everything was sparkling.
Everything was treasure.
Everything is—now in those unreachable days.

“That’s true. We often walked around the royal palace’s subterranean tunnels and secret paths while treating it as an expedition together.”
“Don’t say ‘together’, I was just following your highness. Now that I think about it, if we were found out, though your highness might be fine, they might kill me to seal my mouth.”
Carlos said it as if he was reproaching, and the one who received it seemed to feel bad and scratched his cheek.
Looking at that unchanging bad habit, Carlos’s cheeks loosened.

“My bad. Well, that said, because of that now I can enter the royal palace easily, and I even met father and his companions en route, so result wise it’s not a bad thing right?”
“That’s just coincidence you know. Don’t you know how much hardship I faced every time because of your random conducts? –Incidentally, did your highness pass judgement on them?”
“No, though I killed big brother because he tried to run away. However because father was bawling and begging for his life, the princess felt amazed and decided to throw him to the execution queue. So now he’s waiting for his turn. ……But how should I put it, defeating him who is the symbol of this country should be my main objective, yet looking at the reality of it, all my efforts, my political campaign and such, it really seems like a joke.”
Well, he’s someone who was hard to deal with when I was child though, he grumbled.
“So you finally understand? Good grief, that’s because you weren’t being your usual self, if not you might never have noticed it…”
Bored of the abusive language, the silhouette scratched his hair.
“—you…I heard from the princess that you want judgement for your sins, but when the person himself appears in front of you, why are you scolding?”
“Of course that was my original intention, but when in front of the person himself, I can’t help it. …well, this is the last time, so you may ignore it with a light feeling.”
Perhaps understanding what Carlos was trying to imply, the silhouette who was standing in the doorway closed his mouth.

“—Yup that’s right, the reason I am not surprised and the reason I said ‘that’s good’.”
While saying that, Carlos swallowed the feeling that gradually rose inside him and took out a sheet of a memo.
“…The truth is, I also used the royal family’s escape route. I have no right to lecture you. And while this might be disrespectful, since I am afraid that there might some mob who aim at the burial accessories in the royal family’s graveyard, I took the initiative to move Princess Angelica’s remains here. Later, I will leave it to your highness to bury her again. –or perhaps, in her highness Hiyuki’s hands, she can return to this world like your highness?”
Carlos’s expression faintly asked ‘If it’s possible, then I would like to meet her’ , but the silhouette shook his head lightly.

“No, it has been too long after her death, even with Princess’ power it would be difficult. And the Princess seems like she doesn’t want to do it anyway.”
While answering like that, he remembered his conversations with Hiyuki.

[[“This is blasphemy to the dead you know. Well, I don’t mind doing it on unnatural dead or death from an accident, but reviving someone who died from suicide is inhuman right? Returning someone to hell is just pitiful. That’s why, I want her to be reincarnated normally. –I also believe in reincarnation even just a bit.”]]

“—I see, though I want to say a few words of apology towards Angelica-sama, well, perhaps I can do it at the other side…”
“Let’s get back to the topic, when I transported Angelica-sama’s remains, I checked your highness’s coffin, and found that the corpse in it was no longer there. Since I also received some hints from her majesty Hiyuki, I could guess…well, it’s kind of wishful thinking though.”
“…So this is the result huh. You’re more stupid than I expected.”
That silhouette took a step forward and entered the room while saying that.

Then in an instant, the thick scent of blood filled the room, twisting around the silhouette’s body.

“Well, my lord is stupid, so I might have been infected by his stupidity.”
Even while cracking a joke like that, the shadow of death floated in his face. Maroudo who had taken off his mask—Ashyl Cloud, took the memo, and while looking at the person who was full of cut wounds on his body and had not even enough power to stand up, he let out a sigh.

“Your sword skill is mediocre, so you don’t have to push yourself like that.”
He remembered the corpses of the rioters that were laying around outside the room.

Perhaps, it’s the result of him defending this room—his private room from the rioters who tried to plunder it, alone.

“That won’t do. Because I am Your Highness Ashyl Cloud Chamberlain.”
“Chamberlain huh?”

“…No, her highness Hiyuki said it to me, perhaps we are kind of partners in crime.”
He smiled happily.
“That’s true!”
Ashyl Cloud smiled broadly. He lowered his hips and drew his longsword.
“—it seems it’s almost time. Do you want me to deal the final blow?”
Facing Carlos who showed a clear expression and lowered his head, is the somewhat lonely Ashyl Cloud with a sword in his hand.

“Do you have any last words?”
“…I am sorry, your highness!!”

Toward that shout which was filled with all of his spirits, Ashyl Cloud replied with a smile.
“—don’t mind it. You’re my friend right.”

“Yes, thank you very much.”

In an instant, in the darkness, a single light flashed.

“This is for you.”
Toward the small box that was presented in front of him with a face full of smiles, Guild Leader Collard’s eyes looked at it as if he was seeing a bomb.

“…what is this?”
“Nation seal. I received it from the King a while ago you see, but since I don’t need it, I’ll give it to you.”

In an instant, Guild Leader Collard opened his eyes wide, and stepped back while shaking his hand.

“I, I don’t want it! If I receive it, I won’t be able to turn back anymore!”

Well, I think it’s already impossible for you to turn back now.

“—you, does that mean you won’t accept something Princess is giving you…?”

Utsuho who looked at that, tried to confirm it with a strangely quiet voice.
However if you look closely, her eyes are those of beast, and you can even see fangs peeking out from her mouth which was hidden by a fan.
Additionally, round table members were surrounding him and the demon army gazed at him with killing intent.

Facing the troubled guild leader with cold sweat dripping down his face, I shrugged my shoulders lightly.

“Well, if you don’t want it then I will throw it away. It’s just that if you have it you might be able to appeal to other countries, something like having legitimately succeeded the current nation. However if you don’t accept it, that said nation is going to be a direct colony of Imperial Crimson, that’s why there might be some friction between this country and the surrounding countries.”

As I said that, the Ogre Princess Sophia raised her hand,
“Princess, if this country become yours, can I eat humans as I like?”
“Of course. Kill and eat as you like, toy with them as you like.”
Utsuho let out a careless laugh.

“Then, then. Is it fine to eat the previous human nest—Arra City—which I was not allowed to eat before?”

“You can eat those in Arra, or even in another country. The likes of humans are abundant, they will continue to grow.”

Towards Utsuho, suddenly the demon army’s tension rose up and shouted in joy.
…It seems invasions into other countries is already a fixed matter.

“…Look. Because of you, the world is in danger.”

“Is, is this my fault?!”

Having the full responsibility shoved in his face, Guild Leader Collard shouted hysterically—I don’t feel any sympathy though. If he just obediently said ‘yes’ then there won’t be any problems.
Taking responsibility for the monsters? I don’t care about that.

“Well, that’s why, if it’s possible I want to settle this peacefully.”
In front of the dejected and lifeless Guild Leader Collard, I held out the little box with the seal of the state once again.

“Is the ‘peace’ you speak of something like suppressing others with fear and violence? If so, then making a deal with pirates or warring races is a lot more peaceful I think.”

“That’s just a matter of perspective. Well, there’s a saying ‘nothing can make life easier other than violence’, also it’s evident that it does make things simpler.”

I don’t know whether Guild Leader Collard is listening to my words or not, but he let a deep—very deep sigh, while accepting the little box that I presented in front of him.

The war between Imperial Crimson and Amitia Kingdom ended in merely half a day.

On the same day, in the imperial capital of Caldia there was a sudden revolt which resulted in the execution of royalties and nobles. As a matter of fact, Amitia Kingdom actually already collapsed from that, however, with the victorious country—Imperial Crimson—backing, the free city of Arra plus the adventurers guild and merchant guild which quickly received domestic approval, the revolt was suppressed successfully.

In three days, peace had returned to the country.
Before long, to fill the empty position of King, the previous adventurer guild leader of the free city Arra, Collard Joculator Aldenant was named as a temporary king. The state name was revised to the Republic of Amitia.
It was explained as a preliminary move for the future to change the current government system from the King-system to the Republic-system. (Though the current King—Collard explained to those who were close to him that ‘this is revenge to the Imperial Kingdom Sovereign’)

In the same month, a non-aggression pact with Imperial Crimson was concluded, though half of the content of said pact could be seen as indirect colonization by Imperial Crimson.

That said, the disorder only lasted for one month, and the impact towards the western part of the continent’s finances and other countries are a minimum, so from King Collard’s perspective it’s a valuable thing—at least for now there will be peace.

Nonetheless, this year is the year where Imperial Crimson’s name will be recorded in the history books in this great continent.
Holy Kingdom Eon, Holy City Faximile.
The whole city itself is a temple, and in the middle of the city is the ‘blue divine tower’--an enormous tower built from unknown materials that stood grandly as if piercing the sky itself.

At the top floor of the tower which no one but those with the permission of high ranked clergyman or great pope can enter,

From the opened window, a bird as big as a raven with rich coloured wings, stopped at the perch while singing ‘stupid, stupid’.

Hearing that, the person who raised his face—if the church people were here they might doubt their eyes, a man with blue hair and scaly bronze skin—rose from a luxurious chair and walked towards the bird.

“So you’re back. Now, tell me what you saw.”
While saying that, he grabbed the bird, and without hesitating—twisted its neck and killed it then swallowed it whole.

While keeping that posture for while, he closed his eyes, but before long muffled laughter started to flow from his mouth.

“……..kukukukuku! I had doubts when I heard ‘Imperial Crimson’, but to think that it’s really Hiyuki-chan. I never imagined that we would meet again after all this time.”

His gaze shined with lust and he looked upward.

“I’m really looking forward to it, the time I break that flower with my hand! At that time I will admire it thoroughly. Kukukukuku!....”

The man’s laughter reverberated in the empty room of the uppermost floor of that tower.
Author note:
There’re a lot of people who want Angelica to be revived, but since the beginning one of those siblings was going to be sacrificed so…please swallow your tears.
And those who expect something like that, please forgive me (´・ω・`)


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