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Translation for Manowa will continue (hopefully) in Nineth blog and Vampire Princess will return fully to your highness Madospicy-sama.
I won't delete this blog (since some translation is still here after all...) I just want to make clear that there will be no further release from me.

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Vampire Princess Chapter 3 Episode 6

Beasts’ Shrine Maiden
Midnight, at the wasteland with nothing but blowing wind and the sound of howling beast, a young girl walked with a pure white parasol.

She seems to be in the first half of her teens, her long hair was black as night and tied up as if it was a bundle of silk. Even in the dark, it seemed to be shining. She had lustrous pure white skin without impurities, as if it was made by melting the moonlight. With the addition of her sparkling—inlaid garnet-like eyes, she was a girl so beautiful that you might mistake her as work of art.

Her dress was also a splendid article which suited her. A sleeveless dress with black as its basis—with square type decolletee and luxurious skirt with a lot of drapes—along with a rose corsage. Her headdress, white stocking, and even her black pumps also were highlighted with roses.

Even so, the figure that would be showered with attention in high class society, at this time and place can only be said to be bizarre. By some chance if someone saw her, after being released from her charm they might be frightened, thinking it may be ghost or monster and run away at full speed while praying non-stop.
It’s that kind of impossible spectacle.

“Well, certainly, only night burglars or monsters will appear in this kind of place at the dead night.”
I let out a sigh as I looked at the scenery, a rugged rocky area and wasteland.
“Or rather, as a beastkin base, I thought there would be more flowers and plants, fresh and green with clear rivers or a pond.”

“Princess, this place is too rural…or to be precise its appearance is miserable.”
From inside my chest area—integrated with “Pet Unification”, Utsuho lamented.

“Well, that’s true. In the first place, this country—Kingdom Cres is where the beastkin ran away to after losing against humans.”

“Though ups and downs in life are common occurrences, this beast follower is really disappointing. If they lost their guts just because of this, perhaps it’s better that I—as a divine beast deal with them personally as a form of compassion.”

Utsuho muttered something dangerous with a vexed tone.
……Hmm. This time the one I brought to their stronghold is the Nine Tailed Fox (Utsuho) which is equal to God for them, but perhaps it’s the wrong decision.

If “The Successor of the Beastking” which I will meet after this is a coward or a big-mouth, it’s possible that today will become the last day of the beastkin tribe…

Uugh… though the Beast King wrote me a letter of introduction, I feel like I’m entering a friendly troop encampment while carrying a bomb with a lit fuse.

Then, from under my feet, the shadow—which should be thin like the one made from the moonlight, yet in reality was deep black even in this dark night— had wriggled.

“Hm? Ah, it seems we arrived.”
Human eyes might not be able to see it, but I can see it clearly with my eyes; a fence and moat which was made on the horizon, and the smoke from cooking that flowed from ten-odd tents.

It should be the “successor” I heard from Beast King, the moving village of the lion tribe.

“Well then, you never know what will happen…”

I slightly increased my walking pace.
I thought there would be some dispute, but when I gave them the letter of introduction from the Beast King and said my name, they quickly guided me to the biggest tent, and let me sit at the first rank seat of honour with red carpet spread out leading to it.

Inside the tent which was illuminated with a bright red bonfire, in front of me who actually—though they couldn’t be seen because of my skirt—was sitting in bad manner ‘wariza’(alias…women sitting posture. Though the name is like that, it’s comfortable since it won’t make my legs numb!). A girl with chestnut coloured short-cut hair, she was a cheerful girl with big eyes who looked like a 13-14 year old, and a nervous old man around 60 years old with white hair, prostrated before me. They have lion ears on their heads.
(TL notes: If you don’t understand, Hiyuki is still thinking to preserve her dignity as a man—that’s the reason she put the reasoning about a ‘woman’s sitting posture’)

By the way, what they wore is something like an Ainu native dress.
It had a colourful embroidery and appliqué, a short robe with a front overlap like Japanese clothes and was pinned with a thin sash. They wore easy to move in trousers and boots from animal leather.
Though the girl’s basic tone is white and red while the old man is a more inconspicuous dark green, it seems there’s not much disparity between men and women.

Then, the girl raised her head.
Because what appeared in front of me was a doll-like face which usually appeared in shop windows, I quickly corrected my sitting posture as if nothing had happened.

“Pleased to meet you. My name is Asmina, the milk-sister of the next chief of the Nu Gruv tribe—Revan, and also his de facto wife.”

Hearing that introduction I was unconsciously taken aback.
--the hell!? Wife!! Formal foster brother and sister marriage she said~~~!!! Unforgivable. I will behead that eroge bastard!
At once, my favourable impression towards the beast king successor—Revan she said?—has been reduced by 200 points before I even met him. Moreover, the love rival is 5 to 6… alright, it’s war!

Then, the old man raised his head, and after clearing his throat lightly, he glared at Asmina to his side.
“—Asmina-sama, your joke is too much.”

Though Asmina tried to avoid his gaze, perhaps because of the pressure, she once again faced me and bowed her head.

“…My apologies. My name is Asmina, the sister of the next chief of Nu Gruv tribe—Revan, and also the head shrine maiden. –I’m sorry, the wife stuff is an arrangement for the future.”
She corrected it embarrassedly.

What’s with this girl. Is she really a shrine maiden? Isn’t she too free spirited?

“My apologies your majesty. I am Jisis, counsellor of Nu Gruv tribe. We feel endless gratitude for your majesty to come from far to visit us.”
The old man—Jisis bowed his head deeply once again.

“I don’t need formal greetings. More than that, I thought it was written in the introduction letter, but, can I meet the ‘Successor of the Beast King’?”

Hearing my words, the two of them seemed troubled and exchanged glances.

“Actually… it’s embarrassing to say but Revan-sama right now is not in the village, he lives alone in the sacred mountain near here…”

Eh, then this visit is meaningless?

Perhaps because it showed on my face or it was the shrine maiden’s intuition, without a shred of hesitation, Asmina made a proposal.
“Then, since I’m about to do my daily duty of sending supper and tomorrow’s breakfast to brother (foster brother) I can pass on a message… or if it’s urgent, we can come together?”

“Hm… Since I’ll be bored if I wait, is it fine for me to go together?”

“Yes, with pleasure. –Then, I’ll make preparations in due haste.”

Looking at Asmina’s back as she stood up excitedly, I unconsciously said this,
“—even so, since you said it’s your daily duty, did you go deep into the mountains every day? It seems tough.”

“That’s not true.”
Asmina turned back and showed a carefree smile like a sunflower.

My first impression of her is that she’s a weird child, but perhaps I needed to amend that.
She’s a good child who cares about her brother.

But, Asmina added still with smile in her face.
“Since it’s common sense to continuously feed animals which are still not quite attached to you.”

I-I think I heard something I shouldn’t have.
...I think that was an auditory hallucination.
Yup, I didn’t hear anything.
As I am chatting with Jisis in front of the tent while waiting,
“I am sorry to keep you waiting.”
Asmina with a little basket which seemed like it was plaited with strings like plants in her back, had returned.

I thought surely the guard would come together with her, but it appears she goes alone, I feel a bit worried.
“Is it fine really fine for a girl to walk alone at night?”

“It’s fine, I’m used to it. Moreover, for the Nu Gurv tribe, this level of darkness doesn’t pose any problems.”
She said that and blinked, in the very dim light her eyes glittered with a golden colour.

I see, so it’s a structure like that of a nocturnal animal that allows their eyes to gather light and amplify it. Then, though it’s not as good as mine, a journey at night won’t pose a problem.

“Moreover, I also have a guide—“
From her clothing around her chest area a pure white stoat-like animal jumped out and sat near Asmina’s leg.

“—Oh. It seems it’s a sacred beast.”
Utsuho muttered in slight admiration.

“This is my friend Hari-chan. This child will tell me if there’s something out of the ordinary or something dangerous. –Hari-chan, greet her majesty.”

Urged by Asmina, the sacred beast (Hari), after shouting with maximum vigilance “HIHI!! –kyuu…….” It opened its eyes wide and showed its belly, playing dead.
…what a rude animal.

“… I wonder what’s wrong, is it today’s performance?”
The confused Asmina grabbed its tail and let it dangle in the air.
Then after it didn’t bulge from feigning dead after she poked and tickled it, she stowed Hari (sacred beast) back at her chest.
“Since its condition seems bad today, please allow it to greet your majesty later.”

“…well, I don’t mind even if it doesn’t greet me. But will you be fine without Hari (sacred beast)?”

“It’s fine. There’s no dangerous monsters in the way, and it’s a familiar route for me as a commuting wife.”
Though she said it with an excellent smiling face, there were some inappropriate words mixed in. Jisis who was standing at the side coughed—clearing his throat.

“Moreover—“ Asmina look at me and said it as if it’s something obvious. “Today, I am going together with everyone.”

…… “Everyone” huh. It seems she’s not a fake shrine maiden. Not only did she notice those who guarded me secretly—she might have also noticed Utsuho who was unified with me.

Actually, since I am being targeted, I’m not thoughtless enough to go walking alone nonchalantly. Other that Utsuho who became one with me through pet unification, there’s also Kokuyou who hid below my feet with shadow movement, additionally standing by high in the sky is Izumo the Azazel, who among the thirteen generals has attack power comparable to Ikaruga. Furthermore, the flying garden itself was also following in the distant sky.

The plan is if by some chance someone equal to Animaru appeared, everyone will gang up on them, but there’s no indication of something like that right now.

Well, after I met with the said “successor”, we will decide whether we will cooperate with them or not.

“Then, let’s depart!”
Following Asmina who walked ahead in high spirits, as I fully enjoyed the clear night sky, I muttered to myself.

“Yeah. –Today is a fine night.”
TL Notes: about Revan and Asmina relationship, this has become quite a pain. What I know for now is that they're 'milk sibling' and has no blood relation at all. I'm confused what to use... 'step' sibling sound like their parents were married, and 'in law' sound like their brother/sister married. While foster can be used, I don't think any of them were 'adopted', they're simply 'milk sibling'. If you have better suggestion, let me know. I'll let this term open for now.

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Vampire Princess Chapter 3 Intermission I

Delicious Food Worship
This is the sequel of the previous one.
“I want pork.”

In the open storefront, towards my impolite request the ramen shop owner “Tonkotsu the Great” who was one of the lesser demons, looked at me fondly with an understanding expression and nodded solemnly.

“I understand, Princess.”
Then, he walked toward the corner where his employee, a High Orc who watched over the preparation progress, was and gave him instructions.

“Hoi, close the shop curtain. Later, hang the closed sign. –You’re still green, but I’ll leave the shop to you.”

“……but, Boss!”

The employee responded with teary eyes.

“--? I only asked for pork, why it becoming something like a final farewell?”
At that time I felt a really bad premonition.

Then as if it’s something “obvious” he answered me, “Pork—that would mean you want my (Orc King) life.”
Because that answer was mostly expected, I fell, prostrated on the counter.
“How did it become like that! Then what if I said I wanted beef?!”

“Then that would mean I should kill and bring to you either Minotaur, the owner of the Gyuudon shop diagonally opposite from here, or Shiyuu, the blacksmith.”
Gaijin answered without a shred of cloud in his eyes. Even the High Orc employee nodded in agreement.

“Then if I said I want vegetables!?”

“Burn down the Yggdrasil forest behind the castle. Oh, as expected, starting a war against plant type monsters makes me want to go all out.”
Gaijin’s eyes shone. By the way, Yggdrasil is a paid gacha prize. After I planted 5 or 6 of them, before I noticed it had changed into a forest with giant trees that would make your eyes pop out. It became something similar to sacred grounds for plant type monsters or high elves.
Also, I wonder what happened with the one “Legendary Tree” with unknown origins which I planted there. If it became a place for confessions, I honestly will become angry.

Wait, if you burn that forest down, won’t it become civil war!? Will this country fall into civil war just because I want to eat vegetables!??

…then, I asked in desperation.
“Then, what if I ask for mutton?!”

Gaijin folded his arms with a difficult expression.
“Human, huh? Since there’s none in this place, then I must go down to hunt, it’ll take some time…”

“Why does mutton become ‘human’ meat’?!”

“Eh, you didn’t know? In a certain country humans were called “bipedal sheep.” They called them sheep with two legs and ate them… well, for me, I prefer the animal one. Since the taste of human greatly depending on their environment, it’s hard to find something to my taste.”
At this situation, “Is there no normal meat?!”, “Don’t talk as they’re it’s the same!!”, or “Why do you know something that even I don’t know!?”, I wonder which retort I should use.

“Then…what if I ask you to get chicken meat!?”

“Then I will introduce you to butcher in main streets.”

“Why is only the answer for chicken meat normal!? Or rather, if there’s a butcher then tell me that from the beginning!!”

Unintentionally, the stress that was building up inside me exploded, I raised the chair overhead and stepped onto the counter. In that instant, Gaijin’s complexion changed,
“This is bad, Princess went berserk again! Help me, hold her down!”
At the same time as he called out to his employees, he activated the skill “Orc Summon” which summoned a dozen Orc soldiers.


“Blood! Prepare blood!!”
“It’s only pig blood, we already have five buckets!”
“Then, use that! I will hold her down, you guys pour all of it!”

“Don’t pour it~~~!! Or rather, there are some entrails floating in there!!”
All my screams ended in vain, being surrounded and captured by their joined forces (since the shop is narrow I can’t run, and I also can’t win with my strength), the blood and entrails were poured onto me.
After that, I borrowed the bath and changed my clothes, then explained to Gaijin again from the very beginning.
“…As I said, I only want to cook normally, I don’t have any weird intentions. Ah, also I want to borrow a place to cook.”

“Huh… Princess wants to cook?”

Why when I said that I wanted to cook they looked at me as if I announced a dog running in circles chasing its own tail?
I usually cook on my own for all three meals I had (though when I had a part time job I ate at the staff canteen on the second floor of the supermarket I worked at), even in game, I raised my cooking skill meaninglessly until the counter stopped.

“Even though Princess doesn’t cook, with one order a dragon will grill itself, or you can just eat a pixy raw, or do you want to prepare them all at once? If Princess really wants to eat, everyone will voluntarily lie on the chopping board.”
Were the inhabitants of this country all like that? A rabbit that will fly into fire, something which appeared in old folk stories.

“That’s not it, I don’t want others to prepare it for me, since I’m visiting someone. I want to cook by myself.”


Gaijin tilted his head with an expression as if he heard some kind of difficult formula. Well, for people from this country that’s something that’s far from their own common sense. They won’t even catch cold I’d say. (TL: stupid)

First, let’s talk to him about what happened awhile ago.

“I’m really sorry. I don’t know how I should make up for this…”

Toward my apologies for the Nth time, Joey who sat in the inn’s bed also answered for the Nth time.

“As I said, you don’t have to mind it. At any rate the one at fault is that beastman bastard anyway, and I who accepted the escort request, yet was unable to protect you is the one who is at fault the most.”

Actually, he was scolded harshly by Gald-sensei because of that, Joey smiled wryly as he said it.

“ ’Protecting’ doesn’t mean you should confront an enemy who you have no chance of victory against. We are the jack of all trades, we must think of the safety of our client as our main priority and use ANY methods—not only fighting, to protect them. You can make use of advantageous terrain to run around, or quickly inform us about it.””

After that, he was told that it might be too early for him to get D-rank, and he became really afraid that he might be demoted. Ah, this is also the second request that I can’t fulfil in the end, he laughed in carefree manner.
However, how should I put it, despite having a near death experience twice, he has no intention of giving up on being an adventurer. In another sense he might be really talented.

Even so,
“Leaving aside the Animaru case, what I did to you after that is completely my fault. If the Beast King didn’t treat you, certainly you would already been dead.”
I shook my head lightly and look at my feet. The sight of a balloon skirt encased with a rose corsage and the floor entered my eyes.

“Well, that’s something akin to a sickness right? Then you’re not in the wrong.”

I explained roughly about the special characteristic of a vampire princess, but somehow he understood it that way. That innocence on the contrary hurt me even more, and the feeling of guilt in my heart increased…

“…No, despite knowing that possibility yet being unable to provide proper measures is my fault. As I thought, I won’t be satisfied with this. –At least hit me once!”

When I rose my head, Joey’s eyes and mouth opened wide and in a hurry he shook his head diagonally.
“No way no way no way! There’s no way I could do that. Moreover hitting a girl is a bit—“
“You don’t have to mind my gender. You can treat it as if I am your close male friend, or someone you hate—or just thinking that the one in front of you is that Animaru and hit as hard as you can.”

“What kind of logic is that?! Or rather, I absolutely can’t do that!”

Hmmm… certainly my appearance is completely a girl, perhaps it’s difficult to accept something like that.

“…I am troubled.”
“I should be the one troubled here…”
It seems I heard Joey muttering something, but since I was in deep thought it passed through one ear and left through the other.

I threw my gaze around the room he’s staying in. It’s different from the cheap inns on the outskirts that he stayed at when he was an F rank. This place is akin to lower-middle class stuff. The room is bigger, there’s even a desk and chair (where I am sitting right now), and also a wardrobe to keep equipment.

The bed is also fairly nice, there’s a side chest beside it and that’s where my get well gift was: a bouquet of roses which was put in a vase and decorated this place (the landlady not only lent the vase, she even arranged it for me).

Then, when I saw the tableware with leftover food beside it, I tilted my head in puzzlement.
“You don’t have an appetite? There’s still around half left.”

“Aah—“ noticing my gaze Joey smile wryly. “Even though I’m sick, I still feel tired of eating risotto everyday……that said I only feel a bit dizzy, it’s not like I’m wounded somewhere.”

“That dizziness is caused by lack of blood. That’s because even though your stamina is back the blood is still lost.”

Hmmm, since he lacks blood—then food which can increase his blood is necessary. To make blood you need protein, then that would mean meat. Other things are dairy products, something like cheese. Vegetables are also good for blood vessels, for quick energy recovery then it’s grains or oil, also sugar. Then, “that” might be good. It’s easy to eat too.

“—then, I will cook an easy to eat food and bring it to you when I visit tomorrow, as an apology.”

At my suggestion, Joey’s expression turned complicated.

“Cooking…. You will?”

“……That’s rude. I don’t care if you’re unable to stand up because of the surprise after eating it!”
“Haa, I see…”
Gaijin threw out a random answer with a face as if he’s understanding yet he doesn’t understand.
“Then, what do you want to make, Princess?”

“When it comes to meat, cheese, vegetables, and bread, of course that would mean a cheeseburger!”

“Hamburger huh? Then how about we buy it from the rivalling burger shops on the main road, ‘Death Burger’, ‘Burger in Monster’ or ‘Dung Beetle Burger Shop’?”

What a bunch of scarily named stores.

“…No, if we bought from there then that would mean it’s not handmade.”
I won’t be able to look him in the face anymore if my get well gift dealt a coup-de-grace to him.

Then the next day Joey, who ate the cheeseburger Hiyuki made, was impressed by its deliciousness.
“It’s delicious! What is this thing!?”
As she looked at him while he happily ate in surprise, Hiyuki puffed her chest with pride and proclaimed,

“How is that, it’s pretty good, isn’t it?”

“This is incredibly delicious! It’ll be great if I can eat this cooking every day.”

Joey looked at Hiyuki with meaningful glance, but Hiyuki who didn’t notice it frowned  and tilted her head a little,
“If you eat it every day, won’t the calories be bad for your body? Well, if it’s only once in awhile it won’t become a problem, so I’ll teach the landlady the recipe later.”
That answer dealt a coup-de-grace to the young boy’s heart.
Later, the hamburger from this inn became famous and hamburgers were introduced to the all nations in the continent.
And perhaps there will be new dishes which are inspired from this.
(TL notes: I want the cheeseburger Hiyuki made)